About Us

Becoblue Trading (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. Established since 2014 and from the date incorporation of the Company, with an object to people provide RO water purifier for hygienic and healthy drinking water with affordable price.

Our Company adopted the modern technology in manufacturing the RO water purifier and already in market with wide popularity. Similarly the exports and engineers are visiting all over the state to promote the product with its benefit not only the health but also laymen have able to purchase the product and use. Moreover our utmost focuses for a healthy society.

Our Company and all accompanied employees in all categories work together as team work and there is a direct relation between the dealers and the manufacturer. We provide good service to the customer within few hours of complain through our technicians. We always tried to make our dealer free from all hindrances in selling of the product.

Now, the company providing the different types of services like products, hotel, job, matrimony, all type of professional services, resale, property, and education. Any-one can get the detail contact numbers & address of the service provider from our website,